What Our Clients Have To Say

So Impressed With The Level Of Detail


I am so impressed with the level of detail that Stephanie and Rich Marulli put into inventorying our home. It was eye-opening to have my ‘life’ inventoried for any future ‘Florence’ that should come our way. However, knowing that the entire contents of my home have been cataloged and safely stored in an offsite location, there will be no guesswork for a future insurance claim! It also brought to my attention the fact that I was underinsured. Now I feel truly safe and secure against whatever Mother Nature tosses our way!! I recommend that you call 201-739-9523 for peace of mind.

Julia Vosler, Owner of Home Design Outlet of Leland, NC



A Professional and Amiable Approach


My wife and I were very anxious about the potential damage to our home that could be caused by Hurricane Florence. Fortunately for us, Rich and Stephanie Marulli had completed an inventory of all of the items in our entire house a few months before the storm. Their meticulous work resulted in a thick binder filled with photos of our all possessions and lists of serial numbers of our appliances and electronic devices. The detailed documentation provided by the home inventory specialists relieved much of the anxiety usually associated with the eventuality of having to make an insurance claim. Stephanie and Rich’s professional and amiable approach made this much-needed preparation easy to accomplish.

Leo Panetta, Owner of National Pastime